Hey Jewelry Divas!

Welcome!  We're so glad you came.

Learning to make jewelry can be frustrating in the beginning but oh so much fun and rewarding.

We're here to help make the process of creating jewelry easier for you.  Let me ask you?  Have you found:

*jewelry terms can be overwhelming in the beginning?

*tools are confusing and you can't remember what is what?

*shopping for supplies is a drag especially when the clerk in the store doesn't have time to show you exactly what you need on your material list?

*you really want to take a class but don't have time or energy to sit in a two hour class after a long work day or on the weekends because you have to chauffer the kids around?

*or maybe you just need inspiration and are experiencing a creative block

Or......maybe you stopped by to learn more about me as an artist. Everyone isn't into making jewelry but many are curious at to what goes on behind the scenes. As an artist I absolutely love making connections and bridging the gap between artist and patron. It is here that I share my inspiration and give you a peek into how my mind works.

I want this to be the place you come to for a great laugh, positive vibes, inspiration and lots of encouragement.

As a student, starting something new was exciting and intimidating at first.  I was that lost girl in the aisle that was frustrated and confused trying to follow what seemed like a simple supply list.
I was that girl who couldn't understand what the jewelry terms meant in magazines or in class.
I was also that girl who couldn't remember what was what when it came time to using tools.
So Earrings by Angela J School was created to help you create with confidence through inspiration, easy "jewelry language", helpful tools and classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

It is this space, the home for all Jewelry Divas on all jewelry levels, that I invite you to come create with me or simply stop by with a cup of tea in hand and share your thought, gather a thought and simply make a connection.



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