50 Reasons to Create

Many times people ask me what inspires me to create or what motivates me to create.  To tell you the truth I’ve never really thought about it.  It’s just something that I did/do.  Or so I thought.

These questions stirred up something within me and I went on a quest to find the answer.

Why DO I create?  What are the benefits from creating?  When did this creative journey begin?

I dug deeper.

Memories of owning a sticker making machine as a little girl flashed into my mind. The machine was in the shape of a medium sized cream colored plastic house with a cotton candy roof, which served as the lid.  The materials for the stickers were inside.  You would place a sticker on the two large circle provided and begin creating.  I was mesmerized by this idea of creating my own stickers and later started a sticker collection which I still have to this day.

Other forms of creation showed up in areas of dance lessons, which later led to choreographing dance routines with friends.

Writing short stories, which led to graduating with a minor in creative writing.  Later in life creating and teaching jewelry.

Gathering all these memories inspired me to create my list of whys. I’ll share them with you and hopefully you can relate.

  1. Make other people smile
  2. Allow myself to play
  3. Me time
  4. Explore color
  5. Play with words
  6. Focus
  7. Make something beautiful
  8. Connect with nature
  9. Stay in the moment
  10. Use my imagination
  11. Try something new
  12. Get inspired
  13. Tap into my emotions
  14. Share with the world
  15. Inspire others
  16. Be open-minded
  17. Better problem solver
  18. Slow down
  19. Dream
  20. Share memories
  21. Be a giver
  22. Solve a problem
  23. Uplift others
  24. Connect with others
  25. Connect with self
  26. Soul searching
  27. Teach others what I know
  28. Explore
  29. Challenge myself
  30. Heal others
  31. Feel good
  32. Self-expression
  33. Enjoyment
  34. Be courageous
  35. Express Love
  36. Step outside the box
  37. Show my uniqueness
  38. Positive energy
  39. Learn a skill
  40. Experiment
  41. Celebrate myself
  42. Celebrate others
  43. Pass down traditions
  44. Family
  45. Self-improvement
  46. Joy
  47. Creative Flow of thought
  48. Feelings of accomplishment
  49. Boost of confidence
  50. Realizing my talent is my gift to the world

This is the long and short of it, also the beginning of a series in which I will expand further and invite you to explore with me.

What inspires you to create?