7 Reasons to Vibe Higher

Chakras and transformation

What is a vibe anyway?

Kendrick Lamar raps about it in his song “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” and 2 Chainz dedicated a song to it too called, “It’s a Vibe.”

A vibe is energy , whether positive or negative, that attracts us to each other. It could be the ambience in a room, a smile from a stranger, a connection to someone close, etc.

These energies are represented by seven chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Below is a video that explains them in detail in case you’re new to them.

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Let’s Dive Into the Reasons to Vibe Higher.

1. Balance.

Finding balance is essential in creating a positive flow in your life. There are four major areas to focus on when creating balance: family, career, health, and love. Listen to more details about the four areas below.

2. Personal Power.

Sharing the way we share our self-expression is how we also tap into our personal power. Doing what makes us happy and being creative is a way to be vulnerable and transparent.

3. Self-Confidence.

Building your self-confidence starts when you face your fears. Fears of being judged, starting that business, traveling to different places, or even trying new things. Did you know that we create many of the fears we experience? Saying affirmations helps, below are some that I used to help conquer mine.

4. Growth.

The easiest way to grow in the way you view the world and others is by expressing gratitude. Believe it or not, gratitude is the secret sauce to attracting more positive vibes into your life.

5. Better Communication.

Communicating effectively is like liquid gold, people take you seriously, show you more respect, and value that your word is your word. Like my father used to tell me…..Mean what you say and say what you mean.

6. Insight.

Insight helps us gain mental clarity. It is in the practice of silence and focus that we are able to hear or feel something inside of us nudging us to take the next step. The best place to start is to slow down from your fast paced life. You’ll be surprised what ideas and answers start pouring in.

7. Universal Connection.

Once we’ve worked through the other 6 steps, we begin to connect to everything the earth has to offer. Through our gratitude we connect to our Divine selves. We connect to nature, show compassion and respect for others and are on a level of knowing ourselves on a much deeper level.

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