How to Make a Simple Loop Dangle

In this video you will learn how to make a simple loop bead dangle. This simple technique can launch you into many other creative projects.

To Make This Dangle You’ll Need:

20 gauge wire

Bead of your choice

Round nose pliers

Flat nosed pliers

Wire cutters


Share your photos in the comments of your dangle. I’d love to see any project that you made using this simple loop technique.

Fall Is Coming…Let The Savings Begin!

Leather Drop Earrings

Ahhh….I love the smell of fall!

You know the season is changing when Starbucks releases their delicious fall themed drinks such as ANYTHING pumpkin.  Oh. My. Gosh. I’m like in heaven right now!  Seriously I have no control.  My friend know I love pumpkin so much that he bought me the Taste of Home Pumpkin themed cookbook.  Wait….Is he expecting tasty treats?  Was that a setup? Lol.

Seriously though, I mean not that I wasn’t serious before, this is one of my favorite seasons.  I love change.  I love the colors of fall.  I love the comforts of fall.  It actually inspired me to create a fall themed collection and because of this celebration of fall, I’m having a sort of welcome to fall sale.

Leather earrings

Check out the fall inspired jewelry!

leather earrings
Frosted Doughnut Leather Earrings

Metallic Gold Mother of Pearl Ring (Colors of Fall)

Wire Wrapped Ear Cuff
               Earth Brown Ear Cuff

What’s your favorite thing about the fall season?  Share in the comments.

Nothing To Defend Lisa Nichols

Nothing To Prove: The Quote That Inspired a Woman and Her Bracelet

Nothing to Prove Lisa Nichols

I’ll never forget the day I was introduced to Lisa Nichols.

My mother was actually the one who instructed me to watch her YouTube videos and I instantly became attracted to her words.  Later I learned of Lisa’s association with The Secret, and began digging through the vaults to learn more about this powerful woman with whom I now had a connection with, even though she didn’t know it.

One day while at work I ran across this quote:

Nothing To Defend Lisa Nichols



Nothing To Prove

It became my screensaver, my mantra, my affirmation of the day, my life.  Every time I was faced with a situation, I whispered to myself…..I have nothing to defend.

When approached by opposition, I would boldly say…..I have nothing to prove, and stand on those words.  It was more than liberating, it was freeing.  Finally I found the freedom in the strength of my voice that I had been searching for, the strength that during a time I thought I had lost.

It was THAT day that I realized the power of my words.  Lisa Nichols had shown me how to use my words to move the mountains that were confining me.

This ONE quote inspired me to create a piece that would remind me EVERY DAY how powerful I am.  How I can move through obstacles and liberate the voice that I had once quieted in order to make others around me feel comfortable, all the while, compromising my own comfort.

Never again.

Nothing to Prove Lisa Nichols quote

Diva With Nothing To Prove Bracelet


This bracelet was created for all Divas who need that subtle reminder that your voice is important.  It’s a reminder that it is your right to proceed with boldness, class, intent.

The Diva With Nothing To Prove Bracelet is a representation of me expressing my voice through my art.  I invite you to join me in this revolution!  You too can be bold and make your version of this bracelet here.

What quote has inspired you to become a better version of you?  Share and enlighten us.  I’d love to high five and celebrate you.  We ALL deserve that.


Jewelry Making Blog

A Jewelry Diva’s Must Have Starter Kit

jewelry making


If you’re like me you were in a department store shopping with your friends, headed to the jewelry section, perused the selections and realized that nothing they offered was your flavor.

Yeah, it happens.  Sometimes the style we’re looking for just hasn’t been created yet and doesn’t really express our uniqueness. I mean why wear jewelry if it doesn’t represent a part of who you are?

It may be in this instance that you are inspired to create your own jewelry, something that represents you, gives you self-expression, and makes a bold statement.

That’s it.  Your mind is made up and you’re going to create your own jewelry.

Good for you Diva, welcome to our world.  Many jewelry artists start by reading books, taking a class, joining a jewelry club, watching videos or simply diving into experimentation.

No matter how or where you start every Jewelry Diva must have these essential tools:

1. Round nose pliers- These pliers are definitely needed to make simple loops, and later, eccentric designs. Nickname:  Alligator*.  

2. Flat nose pliers- These help make angles, create awesome geometric shapes and “clean the wire” to make it look more professional.  Nickname:  The Cleaner*.  

jewelry tools

3. Wire cutters- These are pretty self- explanatory, they pretty much just cut the wire. Nickname: Cutter.

jewelry tools

Seriously Divas, these are the three main tools you’ll need in order to create fabulous pieces of jewelry.  I know what you’re saying…But Angela there are SO many other tools on the market, don’t I need them?  Nope.

Technically you don’t “need” them, you may want them.  I mean do we really “need” a garlic press?  People create gadgets to make our lives simpler but sometimes the exact opposite happens we become overwhelmed because we don’t know how to use them. Later we find out the three main tools we started with in the first place does the same job.  In the beginning, let’s keep it simple.

Now that we have the jewelry tools, we need the jewelry materials.

The first time I took a basic jewelry class we were given a supply list of materials we needed for the class which was cool but it had no pictures.  The list may as well have been written in Spanish because I didn’t know what these items were or what they looked like.

Walking into a craft store trying to find these things by yourself is a nightmare, especially when there are no associates to help you. (True story.)   Oh and here’s your first jewelry term:  Findings- jewelry components or pieces.  So here’s the breakdown:

1. Head pin-  In my humble opinion, the head pin looks like a very thin nail.  The flat end of a head pin is equated to a stop sign or a period- you can go no further in the design.  It stops the bead and almost camouflages itself into the bead.  In other words, it takes backstage in the design and allows the beads to be the star of the show.  These are available in many gauges, more about this later.

jewerly findings

2. Eye Pin- These look like thin sticks/wire with a loop at the end.  These loop gives you the option to continue or add to the design, if you were a writer this would be your comma or period.  You could simply open the loop to add more:  another bead, chain, etc.  It’s all up to you and the possibilities are endless.

jewelry findings

3.  Jump rings- These are available in various sizes, shapes, texture and colors.  What is their job in creative design?  Jump rings connect pieces together, make things dangle, create length, and in some cases, add texture.  Opening a jump ring is easy and did you know there was a kiss involved?!  Honey, it’s the most romantic supply ever.  We’ll talk about that part at a later date.

jewelry findings

4. Ear Wires-  Ear wires come in different varieties such as post, kidney, fish hooks, and leverbacks. Although these represent different styles, they all serve the same purpose- to make earrings.  

jewelry findings

5. Clasps- Just like with ear wires, there are also creative ways to add elegance and finesse to your bracelets and necklaces.  You can choose from toggles, spring, and lobster clasps (not the kind you eat, lol). These findings allow you to finish your design.

jewelry findings

6. Stretch Magic- I know, I know.  Weird name, great resource.  This is the elastic used to make those stretchy bracelets you often see in the store, more like a one size fits all type piece.  I guess that’s the magic. When purchasing this you want to make sure the elastic isn’t too thick for the hole of our bead.  I made this mistake the first time I bought it.  Ahhh but I’ve learned my lesson.

7. Beading wire- This is not the wire used in wire wrap projects, this is the wire used in stringing projects. Let me explain this a little better.  Beading wire is thin, doesn’t bend into shapes to create funky circles or butterflies.  It is used to thread beads on to in order to create multi-strand necklaces, bracelets, decorative earrings….things like that.  Get it? Still confused?  No worries, there’s a class for that.

8. Crimp beads- These are so freakin’ tiny but so important when creating strung jewelry pieces.  So basically these are used in the beginning and the end of a piece.  Its purpose is to stop the beads from falling off and to allow room for a closure. (Clasp)

9.  Crimp covers-  Crimp covers go over the crimp beads to give it a professional look. You’ll definitely want to invest in these and they’re super easy to use.

10. Beads- Of course we need beads and there are many styles, types, colors, shapes, and textures out there. Explore and buy what you like because that’s the whole reason you wanted to create in the first place, right?

Here’s one last tip from one Jewelry Diva to another…….Have fun and let the creativity flow.  Oh did I forget to mention that I actually teach jewelry making in our new Member’s Club? I do.  You can even treat yourself to a free download of the syllabus by clicking on the photo.

jewelry club

Hey leave us a comment and tell us your flavor or why you decided to get creative!  We love meeting new people.


50 Reasons to Create

Many times people ask me what inspires me to create or what motivates me to create.  To tell you the truth I’ve never really thought about it.  It’s just something that I did/do.  Or so I thought.

These questions stirred up something within me and I went on a quest to find the answer.

Why DO I create?  What are the benefits from creating?  When did this creative journey begin?

I dug deeper.

Memories of owning a sticker making machine as a little girl flashed into my mind. The machine was in the shape of a medium sized cream colored plastic house with a cotton candy roof, which served as the lid.  The materials for the stickers were inside.  You would place a sticker on the two large circle provided and begin creating.  I was mesmerized by this idea of creating my own stickers and later started a sticker collection which I still have to this day.

Other forms of creation showed up in areas of dance lessons, which later led to choreographing dance routines with friends.

Writing short stories, which led to graduating with a minor in creative writing.  Later in life creating and teaching jewelry.

Gathering all these memories inspired me to create my list of whys. I’ll share them with you and hopefully you can relate.

  1. Make other people smile
  2. Allow myself to play
  3. Me time
  4. Explore color
  5. Play with words
  6. Focus
  7. Make something beautiful
  8. Connect with nature
  9. Stay in the moment
  10. Use my imagination
  11. Try something new
  12. Get inspired
  13. Tap into my emotions
  14. Share with the world
  15. Inspire others
  16. Be open-minded
  17. Better problem solver
  18. Slow down
  19. Dream
  20. Share memories
  21. Be a giver
  22. Solve a problem
  23. Uplift others
  24. Connect with others
  25. Connect with self
  26. Soul searching
  27. Teach others what I know
  28. Explore
  29. Challenge myself
  30. Heal others
  31. Feel good
  32. Self-expression
  33. Enjoyment
  34. Be courageous
  35. Express Love
  36. Step outside the box
  37. Show my uniqueness
  38. Positive energy
  39. Learn a skill
  40. Experiment
  41. Celebrate myself
  42. Celebrate others
  43. Pass down traditions
  44. Family
  45. Self-improvement
  46. Joy
  47. Creative Flow of thought
  48. Feelings of accomplishment
  49. Boost of confidence
  50. Realizing my talent is my gift to the world

This is the long and short of it, also the beginning of a series in which I will expand further and invite you to explore with me.

What inspires you to create?

5 Skills You Need To Master Wire Wrapping


Wire wrapping has become one of the most popular jewelry making techniques in the industry. It looks extremely difficult but the truth is once you master the basic techniques, the sky’s the limit.

I was first drawn to this technique when I saw a beautiful amethyst gemstone which had been wire wrapped in silver at a bead show.  It not only accentuated the color and body of the stone but it added flair and elegance to the stone, like nothing I had ever seen before.  At that time I was taking a basic jewelry making course but  after seeing that stone, I became curious and bought my first roll of wire.

It was then that I learned something valuable about this technique and its process. There are five skills one needs to master in wire wrapping:


  1. The Wire.  When setting out to learn wire wrapping, it is imperative that you take time to learn about the various gauges of wire so that you know which gauge and type you’ll enjoy working with.  Something important to know is the higher the number, the thinner the wire. Play with the gauges and feel how different they are to work with and in no time you’ll become best friends with one of them.

2. It’s All In The Wrist.  I don’t care how many wire wrap artists you put in the same room, creating the same project, using the same exact design, the end result will differ from the person next to you, even if only slightly.  The reason for this is because it’s all in your wrist.  Writers use the same letters in the alphabet that everyone else has access to but the difference is in the way they construct words to formulate their voice and tone throughout their work. Wire wrapping is no different. All the creative energy you muster flows through your body and “your voice” is in your wrist.  Your wrist is what controls the way you bend and form your wire, it’s where you develop style.


3. Lose Control.  Guess what?  When you’re first starting out and learning how to wrap your very first bead, allow yourself room to lose control.  Relax and just experiment by playing with the wire so you can get used to handling it.  You don’t have to try getting it right the first time, that’s way too much pressure to put on yourself.  Have fun and flow with this new discovery. The look you are going for will come in time.  Trust me.


4. Patience. Training your wire to do exactly what you want is like training a new puppy. The puppy is new to you and wants to do things its way because it doesn’t know what you want it to do so it does what it wants.  I’m totally am not joking, like seriously the wire has a mind.  The last thing you want to do is choke the heck out of the wire or squeeze and tug at it so bad that you strip it.  Be gentle.  Be patient. It will do exactly what you want when you love on it.


5. Practice. Practice is key.  You probably thought I was going to start by saying that practice makes perfect.  Nope. Absolutely not. There’s no such thing as perfection.  I will say that practice makes you better. The key is to continue practice your technique until you’re satisfied with the outcome.  And then….practice some more until you move past satisfaction.  You’ll become a wire wrap diva in no time!




What’s the one thing you’ve learned while creating jewelry?  Share your thoughts, I’d love to hear them.