Hey, I’m Angela!

Hey everyone!  I’m Angela the creator and designer of Earrings by Angela.  Creating and teaching jewelry is my passion.  Most of my pieces include beautiful natural semi-precious gemstones- my favorite being amethyst.  Many of the pieces I create are inspired by those around me and there’s most likely a delicious story behind them.

After many requests, I decided to teach what I know.  It’s been four years since I first entered the classroom of our Milwaukee Recreation Division and I’m not gonna lie…I was as nervous as a fly stuck in a web, lol.  Thankfully my students welcomed me with loving arms, an open mind, and a desire to learn.  Since then we have become like family and I even call them my Jewelry Divas and through my online classes, I hope you’ll become one too.

With the love of creating and teaching I’ve decided to expand and get to know Jewelry Divas from all over the world.  I mean there have to be more of you awesome ladies out there and I can’t wait to teach you what I know and learn more about you.

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Hey Jewelry Divas! Have you been in such a creative flow and then all of a sudden you find yourself running out of ideas and inspiration? I've been there. It's what we artists call a creative block. Well Diva it's time to get UNBLOCKED and get that creative mojo flowing again! Join our 3 Day Jewelry Diva Challenge and get results!
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