Repurposed Leather Bracelet

Learning to use what you have is simple..

Ever look at old jewelry or odd chain links and wonder…What can I do with this?  Let me show you a way to unlock your Jewelry Diva creative energy.

Materials Needed:

An oval or circle link (from an old necklace or bracelet)

Seed beads

Large Hole Bead (large enough for leather to pass through)

Leather scraps

24 gauge wire

Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nosed Pliers

Wire Cutters

Start with the basics.

Seed Bead wrapped link for Repurposed Leather Tutorial. Step 1

Find a link and seed beads. Using either 24 gauge wire, wrap the wire over the link while adding seed beads.

Now add a piece of repurposed leather.

Step 2 for Repurposed Leather Bracelet Tutorial. Adding leather to the link.

Cut a piece of scrap leather,12 inches long, in half. Carefully thread your leather into the link.  Leaving just a small tail in the back, wire wrap the leather in place as shown in the photo.

Simplify your piece by creating a simple adjustable clasp

Step 3 for Repurposed Leather Bracelet Tutorial. Creating an adjustable clasp.

Using a large hole beads, carefully thread the ends of the leather through the bead.  Tie the ends of the leather so the beads doesn’t slip off.

Wear it proud!

Final step in Repurposed Leather Bracelet Tutorial. Wear it proud.

Congratulations Jewelry Diva!  You’ve created a new piece in three easy steps. Better yet, you allowed yourself to think outside the box! Hey I have a gift for you! If you’d like this tutorial in a downloadable pdf you can grab it here.

Did you enjoy this project? Share your thoughts, photos or alterations in the comments.

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