Why I Hired a 9 year Old As My Creative Assistant


We were all gathered around the table, Miley playing on her tablet, my sister answering emails, and me listing new items into the shop.

I looked up from my laptop at Miley and I said, nonchalantly, “Miley when you get older you should work with me.”  She looked up, smiled, and went back to her game.

Later that evening Miley stood next to me while I created new pieces for the shop.  At first she just stood there watching, then she left the room.  When she returned, she set a shoe box on the table, pulled up a chair next to me and said….”I’m ready.”

Ready?  What was she talking about? “Honey what do you mean?  Ready for what?”

“TeeTee, you said I could work with you.  I’m ready.  What kinda work do you have for me?”

I was totally shocked and amazed at the same time.  “Tee tee this can be our first meeting, I’m going to make something too while we talk.”

Now let’s break down what just happened here:

  • Miley heard an opportunity, didn’t answer but smiled.
  • She returned to me with confidence and a game plan.
  • Miley took ACTION.

Right away Miley got busy digging in her box thinking about what to create.  An idea came to her mind and she interviewed me about my favorite colors, what I liked, and so on.  A few times I caught her staring at me while I created.  The next thing I knew, she asked me to hold out my wrist so she could measure it.  And she placed the bracelet on my wrist, tied a knot, and told me I smile a lot.

Miley had just done something I teach in my Tips for Selling course, she studied her ideal client!

  1. She positioned herself in a place to observe and study me.
  2. She interviewed me as a way to research my likes.
  3. She created a product that I would be drawn to and able to connect with.
  4. Most importantly, she connected with her customer in a comfortable way.

Impressed?!  Yeck yeah!  This incredible 9 year old has all of the qualities of a winner:  persistence, confidence, work ethic and ACTION.  After returning back to Milwaukee, I called my sister and told her to tell Miley that she has the job, she’s my new creative assistant.  Miley will be featured in July when I return to Houston.  Welcome to the team sweetie!


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